Creating Proposals

There are two possible set of requirements for someone to be given access to create proposals:
  • Holding a certain number of BABYKRAKEN tokens
  • The admin of the voting platform (BABYKRAKEN deployer) can grant specific addresses the ability to create proposals
    We decided to go for option 2 to prevent proposal spam, trolling and malicious proposals. After launch, the BABYKRAKEN team will grant members of the community who share our vision and are holders of the token the status of DAO ambassadors to give them the power to propose DAO votes to make decisions requiring contract ownership.

The Proposal

To execute a transaction which will call a function (for example to raise the buyback), the DAO ambassador will encode this transaction and add it to "Transactions" in the field "Data", including steps for everyone to verify themselves what the transaction will do. An example of a DAO vote could be: "Do we raise the buyback from 0.01 BNB to 0.1 BNB?" Token holders could then vote yes or no, and the proposal would execute if >50% vote YES."