Proof of Concept

DAO test environment live on BSC

DISCLAIMER: We wanted to launch with the name EVERMOON but decided against it and instead went for BabyKraken. Test contracts are deployed with our old name EVERMOON.
DAO voting platform:
EVERMOON token test contract: 0x0cB65a74FcE8f663916ed5050A94782b1B6c17fF
Evermoon contract owner: 0xe083C02A8E51cD5604DfDd008185520f003fdA69 (which is a gnosis safe)
  • Verify that the DAO module contract is contract owner here: Gnosis Safe (see screenshot below)
Verify that the only owner is the DAO module contract
  • Check the voting platform and the encoded transaction which is embedded to it: Proposal
The Snapshot voting platform should be self-explaining. To find the answer in a secure way we are using (like other DAO's on ETH) the crowdsourced oracle of reality.eth. To read more about how this works check this section:

Trading test environment live on Rinkeby

EVERMOON token test contract: 0x41e0ee19dDB848b1E848C67b21d1279AcAE44CeA
Get yourself Ropsten ETH to pay for gas fees: (add a new account on metamask (1 click) tweet your address, copy link to tweet, paste into the website, delete tweet).
Open uniswap, make sure to be connected with Metamask to "Rinkeby Network". Uniswap V2
Set Slippage to 30% just to be sure. make sure to use small amounts since liquidity is thin
Buy enough EVERMOON to do these tests:
  • Sell for for a random amount below 0.01 (0.00234 for example) - verify that the contract buys back the same amount as you just sold (there will be ~5% differences)
  • Sell for an amount above 0.01 - verify that the contract buys the set buybackAmount (0.01 BNB)
  • If you want, you can also spam trades with low sell amounts below 0.01 BNB, the contract won't react to your spam (3sec cooldown)
You can check the trades directly in the uniswap LP contract here: UniswapV2Pair