Buyback & Anti-Bot

How does the original EverRise buyback & burn work?

  • On every sell, EverRise does a buyback + burn according to the "buyBackUpperLimit" (standard: 0.01 BNB) which can changed anytime by the contract owner

How does the BabyKraken buyback & burn work?

  • Let's assume the buyback amount is 0.01 BNB. If someone sells below this threshold, for example for 0.00832 BNB, the contract will buyback the exact same amount. Our contract is able to get the current swaprate based on LP reserves to achieve this
  • If someone sells above the threshold (for example 0.0153 BNB), the contract will buyback for 0.01 BNB
  • If there are multiple sells below the threshold (for example 3x 0.000001 BNB within 3 seconds), the contract will buyback 0.000001 BNB once and ignores the remaining sells because he considers them an exploit attempt.
Last modified 10mo ago