Contract Integrity
The base-contract has been forked from EverRise, which is audited by Techrate.

Use a diffchecker to verify the changes: Our changes are small but fix critical issues to make the tokenomics effective, without hurting the integrity of the contract. All the changes are documented as follows:

1. add "isExcludedFromMaxTxAmount"

Since Dxsale will move a large part of the supply and lock it in liquidity when you finalize the presale, you can't set a low MaxTxAmount to prevent bots. This change gives us the ability to exclude the Dxsale contract from this restriction so we can set a MaxTxAmount before the Presale and prevent snipe-bots.

2. add "numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity"

The EverRise contract sells RISE tokens for the buyback treasury. Since we now also have a liquidity tax we need to distinguish between the sold tokens for the buyback and the sold tokens for the lliquidity.

3. exclude addresses from maxTxAmount which are marked with "_isExcludedFromMaxTxAmount"

as described in point 1

4. Add a function to get the current KRAKBABY price in BNB

5. BuyBack function has been fixed with anti-bot mechanisms

The contract queries the current tokenSwapRate (how many KRAKBABY for 1 BNB). If the sold amount is lower than the current BuybackAmount (for example 0.01 BNB), the contract will buyback the same amount you just sold (instead of 0.01 BNB).
It will also add a timestamp lastBuybackTimestamp and before doing another buyback below the threshold, 3 seconds minTimeToBuyback needs to pass.

6. A function to add an address to "isExcludedFromMaxTxAmount" and another function to check if an address has been succesfully excluded.

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